Advancing Science and the Greater Reality


             Until the invention of contemporary super telescopes and sensitive digital cameras, to the naked eye the night sky looked like it was speckled with white dots that slowly moved in complex ways.  We had no idea that the Universe was actually filled with billions of galaxies, each containing billions of stars and billions of planets as well. 


              Contemporary technology allows us to "see the invisible."   We can now "see" frequencies of photons spanning electricity and radio frequencies (single digits to hundreds of thousands) at the low end and X rays and gamma rays (quadtrillions and quintrillions) at the high end.  The spectrum of brilliant colors we see with the naked eye turns out to be but a tiny fraction of all the frequencies of photons in the Universe.
















              Science can be thought of as the process of making the invisible visible through imagination and technology.  The history of science has taken us from our physical senses and "common sense" to "quantum non-locality" and "dark energy," in the process revealing an ever greater reality.  


             The research and writings presented in this website explain how science not only reveals a greater physical reality, but in the process reveals a greater spiritual reality as well.  Rather than taking us away from spirituality, science is taking us to spirit and soul, in the process expanding and enlightening human consciousness even beyond ancient mysticism and modern contemplative meditation.











             Thanks to contemporary hardware, plus operating systems like Windows 10 and applications like, it becomes possible for any motivated person to create beautiful and inspiring visions and opportunities.  The cosmic image background is intended to remind us not only of the power of human imagination and ingenuity, but the greatness and beauty of the Universe in which we live.


Gary E. Schwartz, PhD

Advancing Science and the Greater Reality through Imagination and Technology.